Eden Rising: Supremacy, Tower Defense Sandbox Game Enters Early Access For $14.99
Eden Rising Supremacy

Nvizzio Creations announced that Eden Rising Supremacy has officially entered into Early Access on Steam for $14.99. The game is a mixture of open-world role-playing and tower defense gameplay.

The game sees players taking on the role of humans having crash landed on a vicious and foreign alien planet. There are crucibles there that grant the humans powers while turning them into super powered beings, doing so as a means of recruiting said humans as guardians to protect them against the hostile alien lifeforms that seek to destroy the mysterious crucibles.

Players will have to venture about the planet, collecting resources, upgrading their characters, and defending the crucibles from attack. You can see what the gameplay is like with the Early Access launch trailer below.

Players will work together with other players to secure the crucibles, defend the base against the hostile aliens, and then upgrade their characters. As the player-characters get stronger, they’re then able to venture further and further out beyond the barrier, gaining access to new resources and developing new equipment in order to fight stronger aliens.

The game mixes in elements from the survival simulator sub-genre with those of the tower defense genre, and attempts to fuse both of those together in a fantasy sci-fi setting. Think of it as Dungeon Defenders meets Astroneer.

They already have 30 hours worth of content available in the Early Access version of Eden Rising: Supremacy, but the lead designer, Brent Elison, mentioned in the press release that it’s just the beginning…

“Early access is just the beginning. Over the next few months, we’ll continue to add new content, refine systems, improve gameplay, and polish the game.”


“We have an ambitious plan for where we would like to take Eden Rising that will expand the game world and offer many more hours of content, along with a few new surprises.”

They’re gunning for a late 2018 release and a wrap up of their Early Access run, hoping to add double the amount of content, new enemies, new areas, new armor, new weapons, and a more advanced crafting system.

You can learn more about Eden Rising: Supremacy or pick up a digital copy of the game from the Steam store for $14.99.


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