Elon Musk Wants To Open Deep Freeze-Style Website For Corrupt MSM Journalists
Elon Musk Pravda

Gamers grew tired of corruption in their medium, so they decided to fight back. Normies laughed from the side-lines but gamers netted some results in getting a bunch of corrupt journalists out of the gaming industry, or at least have made moves to name-and-shame the ones who have used their platform to sow division and angst among the gaming community. Gamers managed to make headway by funding independent outlets like Deep Freeze, which chronicles and categorizes journalistic corruption from video game journalists.

Given that non-gaming media is even worse than video game media, some entrepreneurs have decided to do something about it. Former Oculus Studios front man Luckey Palmer teased the idea of creating new media to help combat fake news, but he hasn’t quite made the strides the way some people would have liked. Well, playboy futurist, tech evangelist, and civic evolutionist, Elon Musk, will finally set to take corrupt mainstream media journalists to task with a Deep Freeze-style website that he’s planning on calling Pravda.

The Tesla and SpaceX owner tweeted out that the site would score journalists and their publications on a credibility rating.

The name is based on a popular newspaper during the Communist era of Soviet Russia. It’s befitting given that most mainstream news journalists these days are Communist propagandists.

Musk even held a public poll asking if this is something that people would want – a website aimed rating journalists and their publications based on accuracy of news. There’s an overwhelming amount of support for the Pravda project.

303,000 people voted, and 87% voted that “Yes, this would be good”.

This means that a large portion of people really do want corrupt media outlets to be held accountable, or at least have some means of spreading the word that their corruption is no longer something they can protect behind the wall of corporatism.

So the next time CNN publishes fake news, they’ll be rated for it. The next time Snopes fabricates lies, they’ll be docked points for it. And the next time the Washington Post publishes propaganda and falsehoods, they’ll be publicly shamed for it.

According to Bloomberg, Musk has already made business filings for Pravda, so now it’s just a matter of getting it up and off the ground.

Deep Freeze did wonders in exposing the corruption within video game media, and hopefully Musk isn’t just dangling the schlong of accountability in front of the mouth of corrupt media, but actually moving forward with his initiative in order to shove down their throats the erection of ethics.


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