Encased, Sci-Fi Isometric RPG Announced For 2019 Early Access Run


Russian developer Dark Crystal Games announced that their newest project is called Encased. The game is themed around exploring a giant, mysterious dome that contains invaluable relics, underground complexes belonging to a species of unknown origin, and a dangerous AI named Maelstrom.

The development studio is composed of veterans who have worked on a lot of recognizable RPGs in the past, including Divinity: Original Sin II, Life Is Feudal and Crossout to name but a few. The upcoming game will be a sci-fi, isometric RPG with tactical turn-based combat.

The game will take place within the dome, where the player-character will trigger the emergence of the unstable AI named Maelstrom. Everything within the dome is controlled by the C.H.R.O.N.U.S. Corporation, but with the AI loose things turn sour real fast. The corporatocracy begins to break down while players explore life inside the dome while also attempting to find a way to stop Maelstrom. A quick rundown of the backstory is explained through a new trailer, which you can check out below.

The gameplay sounds like it will be a lot like Wasteland 2, where players will create their own character, put together their biography and attempt to explore life in the dome. The game’s combat system is said to be themed around having short, practical battles instead of long, drawn out fights that stretch on for hours. You’ll be able to utilize different types of attacks both lethal and non-lethal in order to subdue and incapacitate opponents.

Be warned, though, there will be a penalty system present so that if you make a habit of stealing from people or killing people recklessly, you’ll build up a reputation that will either net you some jail time or it could get you executed. It will be possible to bribe off the cops or pay off the judges to escape penalties, but it all catches up with you eventually.

One of the hooks for the game is that Maelstrom won’t just be a typical even villain AI, it will also be able to interact with players and even help them… at a cost. It feeds on intelligent minds and its power grows closer toward the center of the dome. Players will have to get strong and then eventually face Maelstrom at the center of the dome.

Encased is still a long ways off from release, though, so whatever you feel about the game right now is ephemeral. I think it we will get a true understanding of what the game is like when an actual gameplay trailer emerges.

You can sign-up for information and news updates by visiting the official Dark Crystal Games website.

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