F1 Monaco Grand Prix Will Feature The Brief Return Of Grid Girls
F1 Grid Girls

Formula One may have caved into feminists and Social Justice Warriors, firing grid girls and putting beautiful women out of work – who, might I add, only have 20 – 30 good years to cash in on their youthful looks – but they’re circumventing their own little rule for the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix.

According to an article published on ESPN on May 24th, 2018, the upcoming F1 race set to take place on Sunday will feature the return of grid girls… sort of. They’re being called “promotional models” from TAG Heuer.

So why the about-face from F1 after they fired the grid girls? Well, they say they’re not really grid girls, but rather “representatives”, and that there will be both male and female “representatives” on the track to stand on the grid moments before the race starts. So they’re basically grid girls.

The TAG Heuer models will be present at the Monaco races, but traditional grid girls are still banned following complaints from feminists.

No other officials chimed in to make mention about the change, but world champion Lewis Hamilton did respond to the inquiry during the press conference, telling ESPN…

“”I think Monaco is a very elegant grand prix and I don’t know how women feel about it, I haven’t really ever spoken to them about how they feel about the whole situation. I can’t really comment. I don’t particularly feel any way about it. When we pull up to the grid and there’s beautiful women on the grid that’s the Monaco Grand Prix, that’s a lovely thing.


“But I definitely don’t think we should be pushing or supporting these women to feel uncomfortable, and if they are we shouldn’t do it. But if they are comfortable doing it I don’t really have an answer for you otherwise.”

Sebastian Vettel seemed to think all this noise is over nothing, and that this ruckus kicked up by the Social Justice Warriors doesn’t warrant the kind of attention it’s receiving. He, too, also believes beautiful women have a place on the track but otherwise if they want to do it, fine, if not? No pressure. Vettel told the outlet…

“I agree with Lewis, I like women, I think they look beautiful.


“If there was guys, I was just not interested… nothing against those guys, I just didn’t care as much but the bottom line is I think it’s too much of a fuss nowadays. I think all of the women that took part as a gird girl in the past did it because they want to so for sure you ask any grid girl on Sunday whether they are happy to stand there their answer will be yes.


“I don’t think there’s anybody who forces them to. It speaks a little bit for our times that sometimes there’s a lot of noise for nothing.”

Both Vettel and Hamilton still have ample amounts of testosterone and are real men.

You can see the two race along with the rest of the grid and the “not” grid girls on Sunday, May 27th when the F1 Grand Prix heads to Monaco.


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