Fallout: Cascadia Total Conversion Mod Will Bring Back Old Skills, Dialogue System
Fallout Cascadia

The team working on the Fallout 4 total conversion mod called Fallout; Cascadia released the first full promotional trailer for the upcoming user-brewed expansion. It features an all new location set across the Seattle, Washington area, where you’ll explore all new areas of the wasteland and interact with all new characters while taking on all new quests.

The expansion features the ruins of Seattle, sporting one of the biggest maps in Fallout to date. The hook for the expansion is the mysterious Cascadia, which rests at the center of the map.

As pointed out in the description for the total conversion, gamers will be able to engage in some of the classic systems from the old Fallout games, including the dialogue trees, the skill systems, and more refined interactivity.

You can see what the post-apocalyptic Seattle map looks like with the announcement and preview trailer below.

The trailer is set to Andy Williams’ “Moon River”, and we see a lot of the custom environments that the team is working on, and if you weren’t told it was a total conversion mod you probably never would have guessed a dozen fans of Fallout collaborated together to make what you’re seeing in the trailer above.

The one segment also caught the attention of viewers where a giant wall is erected up with armed guards atop it where it says “Protected By The Wall”. Obviously Trump won in 2020.

There isn’t actually a whole lot showcased of the actual mod in terms of what you get to do or how you get to do it, but the environments on display look fantastic, especially the ruined inner city of what’s left of Seattle.

The mod makes you of a lot of other scripts and features from other expansions, so when it does release you will need working copies of Fallout 4, The Far Harbor, Nuka World and the Vault Tec expansion. As noted in the FAQ, there is no version in the works that will run without the DLC.

You can learn more about Fallout: Cascadia or join the team by visiting the official website.


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