First-Timer’s Guide to eSport Events

eSports is the art of playing sports games such as football, wrestling, hockey and rugby among others, electronically using computer devices. Two players can play games such as FIFA, against each other in a live event attended by fans. Fans can attend to witness the competition in a live event and venue where two players engage in a match electronically. eSports has become a sensation over the years with the growth of the Internet of things (IoT). You do not have to be a player on the pitch in order to play the games electronically. This makes eSports fun, interesting and thus draw a huge following around the world. As a first timer in an eSports event, you can engage in the following activities:

Watching and playing the games

Just like any other event, you have to know what brought you to that event, and it is the game. Assuming that you have prior knowledge of some the games to find in that event, you can start watching them closely. In some situations, you can proceed to try them out on your own. Most game developers in these events will offer some fans the opportunity to play a game or two. If this is not the case you can simply watch as other players play at the event.

Buying merchandise

Just like a showroom or an art gallery, you can buy merchandise such as playing gear, t-shirts, armbands and the like as a souvenir of a great Esports event. For example, you can buy an armband with the logo of a particular game such as fighting games Android signed by the developer of that game during its launch. Most game developers launch their games and products at such events and sell them at a lower price before they hit the market.

Socializing with other fans

You are all in attendance because of a common goal. It is productive to socialize with the fans and find out which games they like or have played during the event. Apart from that, you will be able to know the whereabouts of an upcoming eSports event in that area. This is how you make friends who understand your hobbies which can later translate into something cool.

Listening to game analytics

Before any game is launched by the publishers and developers, they have to tell the fans or the people in attendance about what the game does. Most of these games are high profile and come with advanced features. You can get a lot from them while you ask questions later in the interviews. Attending eSports events is not the same as watching them live online. For the former, you will be able to interact with the developers at a personal level and ask questions directly depending on what you want to know.

After parties and entertainment

It is not just about the eSports event, you have to look out for other good things the city has to offer. After the event is over, you can explore the city around for the purpose of entertainment or attend the after party. Assuming you have already made friends at the event, it will be easier for them to show you around before you call it a day or night.


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