GAY Nation Sees Players Hunting Down The Last Remaining Straight People In America

Gay Nation

Dank Boi Games has decided to push his meme’ing abilities into overdrive with the game GAY Nation: A Gay Game For Gays [GAYS Only].

The new game is a visual novel set in a dystopian future of 2028, where tensions between the U.S., and Russia are about as tight as gay muscle-man’s tightened glutes. After a parody of Trump finishes up his second term, a Democrat is unfortunately elected into the U.S., and Russia is so unhappy at this decision. Putin believes that if Trump can no longer make America great again, it’s up to Russia to make America gay again. They decide to gay-up America forever with a secret biological weapon: The Gay Bomb.

The weapon is successful, and nearly all the straight people have been wiped out of the U.S.

Instead of fighting against the gayness that the bomb has brought to the super power, Americans have embraced it and put together an elite force of Gay Special Ops to hunt down the remaining straight Americans. This is where players come into the picture, taking on the role of Andrew, an elite gay soldier tasked with wiping out any of the remaining straight people in America.

As a special agent of the Gay Government, you’ll have to carry out your orders of outing and extinguishing any heterosexuals.

Gay Nation‘s first chapter will be available for purchase from Steam, covering the early goings of the story, as well as Andrew and his investigation into the conspiracy surrounding straight people.

The game was originally supposed to be released on May 15th but due to Valve not approving its release, the game had to be delayed by a week to May 22nd. You can still wishlist the game but you’ll also have to wait a week later to get your hands on it. On the upside, the second chapter of Gay Nation will be made available for free for all owners of the original first chapter of Gay Nation.

You can look to get your hands on Gay Nation: A Gay Game For Gays [GAYS ONLY] starting next week for just $0.99 from the Steam store.

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