GOG.com Adds Visual Novels Following Steam Censorship Fiasco
GOG Waifus

After Valve threatened to pull a number of visual novels and dating sims from the Steam store if they didn’t comply to some nebulous censorship rules, gamers began firing back at Valve and petitioning for them to leave the dating sims and visual novels alone. Valve partially relented by stating that they would be reevaluating the games to determine if they would be allowed to stay on Steam. Meanwhile, GOG.com has pushed its doors wide opened and have begun welcoming in visual novel refugees.

The first batch of DRM-free visual novels have now appeared on GOG.com, including serious drama-based visual novels and even sexy-time visual novels. This is no joke, folks.

Alice in Dissonance’s Fault: Milestone is currently on GOG.com with a 50% off launch discount.

All three chapters of Higurashi When They Cry are also available on GOG.com with a 25% off discount on each chapter. They’re priced between $5.99 and $7.99.

Sunrider Academy’s trilogy is also available on GOG.com, with two of the entries being available for $9.99 and $24.99 respectively, while Sunrider: The Mask of Arcadius is available for free.

And Eden is available as well, with a 66% off discount during the launch week, so instead of being $19.99 for the visual novel, you can get it for just $6.79.

Keep in mind that these aren’t the kind of visual novels with big-tiddy anime girls, or thicc monster thots. Instead these are the more refined and story-driven visual novels.

While it’s not quite the 18+ faptuary that you may have wanted out of GOG.com, it’s a starting point as a safe haven during these trying times of the waifu-holocaust.

Both the feminists from the Left and the OG Puritans from the Religious Right want to take away your sexy-time waifus, and gamers are trapped between a flaccid barrier and a soy space.

Nevertheless, it looks as if GOG.com is coming to the rescue with the first batch of visual novels. This will most certainly help combat Valve’s attack on the straight male demographic’s pastimes, especially with the feminists and Christian SJWs desperately trying to take away the straight man’s fun.

You can check out the full list of new visual novels being added to the DRM-free service by visiting the GOG.com storefront.


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