Gray Dawn, Religious Horror Game Receives New Trailer Ahead Of June Release
Gray Dawn

Romanian developer Interactive Stone has a new title in the works prepping for release called Gray Dawn, whic is a first-person religious horror game themed around a priest who is presumably falsely accused of killing a young altar boy after an exorcism goes horribly wrong, and the boy goes missing.

Players will take on the role of Markus Abraham, a catholic priest who must race against time as he attempts to clear his name and find the missing boy after the exorcism fails to excise a demon from the boy’s heart.

Abraham will venture through realized and surrealistic environments based around the Romanian priesthood. Players will have to uncover Abraham’s memories and attempt to rediscover what happened while he bounces between 1920’s England and Romania.

A trailer for the outlandish horror game was recently released, giving gamers an idea of what to expect from the upcoming first-person horror title.

The hook for Gray Dawn is that players will need to venture through the environments, acquiring items to help them progress and overcome certain challenges, while also avoiding the demonic temptations that will attempt to lure Abraham off the path and utilize the manifestations to overwhelm him with the sins of his past.

It’s not often that we get games that are themed around historical periods of places like Romania. It’s nice to see some developers stepping outside the bounds and experimenting with new ways to tell stories and new places in which to tell those stories.

Gray Dawn - Romanian Christmas

Along the way, players will have to solve the typical first-person puzzles typically featured in games like this, along with exploring very realized environments based on Romanian culture.

The game most certainly has a very distinct visual look, and definitely seems to make the most of its surrealistic nature.

You can look for Gray Dawn to launch on PC starting this June for just $19.99. At the moment you can wishlist the game or learn more about it by visiting the Steam store page.


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