Grimmwood, Tabletop-Style Survival Rogue-Like Free Beta Goes Live On Steam


Headup Games and Big Moustache Games announced that the multiplayer open beta for their unique, survival-management game, Grimmwood, is currently alive and well.

Gamers interested in joining in on the beta for Grimmwood can do so by visiting the Steam store page.

The beta is free to join, and all you have to do is click that big ‘ole green button that says “Play Game”.

Now Grimmwood isn’t like other survival games out there. It’s not a typical third-person, chop-down-trees, kill-the-boar, make-a-fire style survival game. It has more of its mechanics rooted in classic tabletop style survival. You’ll spend your turns carefully advancing your character through the world, collecting necessary survival gear, crafting what you don’t have, and fending off monsters in the night for your own survival.

You’ll travel to town, engage in social interactions, and attempt to find a place among the villagers to call your home.

Don’t take it that Grimmwood is just another by-the-numbers survival game, though. It’s littered with micromanagement and layered mechanics with content-rich exploration, as depicted in the trailer below.

So, one of the challenges of Grimmwood is that if you die, you die. The game features permadeath, so everything you take with you in your travels stays with your character. And if you manage to bite the dust while adventuring, you can kiss your character goodbye.

Making it to a town doesn’t mean you’re instantly safe, though. You can choose how you interact with the townsfolk, whether or not you’ll take up night watch to defend the area from monster attacks, or even take part in town votes to expel villagers who could potentially put you and the rest of the village at risk.

Like any other RPG, you’ll have a inventory, you’ll have a world map to venture across, you’ll have weapons to acquire, armor to equip, and villains to dispatch.

Also, unlike Battletech or other recent SJW games, you can make white people with blonde hair. So there’s that.

You can join in on the beta right now by visiting the Steam store page.

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