The Happytime Murders Trailer Is Filled With Ejaculations, Decapitations And Prostitution
The Happytime Murders

The raunchy red-band trailer for The Happytime Murders has gone live. The buddy-up sex comedy features Melissa McCarthy teaming up with a blue private investigator to solve a series of murders being committed against former child-star puppets.

McCarthy and the detective have to scour the city for the culprits of the murders, using whatever means available to them to get the job done.

It’s a little bit like The Watchman but with a lot more drug use, sex jokes, and puppet-fluids.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

There actually isn’t too much more to the plot than what was described above. The murder-mystery elements in the two and a half minute trailer are actually put on the back-burner for a lot of jokes at the expense of McCarthy looking like a man (which is bravely refreshing in today’s politically correct society), and the blue detective banging a hot redheaded puppet and then spewing his foam fluids all over the wall for the last 30 seconds of the trailer.

Some of the violence against puppets could have been interesting if it was given more time in the spotlight, and maybe the humor could have been leveraged by focusing on things like the vices and hardships of being a puppet outside of the entertainment industry, such as getting addicted to colored stitching, or suffering from having their cotton stolen from out of their body by those trying to stuff themselves to look fuller and healthier.

Instead, the trailer spends a lot of time on McCarthy getting high with some drug dealing puppets, and there are several segments involving puppet prostitutes trying to have sex with McCarthy, which fall absurdly flat given the comedy potential.

Anyway, Brian Henson’s The Happytime Murders is set to hit theaters on August 17th, later this year.


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