Hellbound, 90’s Inspired FPS Heads To Kickstarter, Aims For 2019 Release

Saibot Studios announced that the upcoming first-person shooter designed to be a throwback to the run-and-gun, gore-fests from the 1990s, is currently seeking $40,000 via a Kickstarter campaign.

The Argentina-based developers want to revive the FPS genre with a manly take on it, giving gamers a rekindling of the classic fun-filled action that sated the thirst of action-hungry gamers.

Tobias Rusjan, the founder of Saibot Studios, gave a succinct explanation in the press release as to why Saibot is headed in the current direction they are with Hellbound, saying…

“Classic ‘90s first-person shooters were my favorite games growing up and they introduced me to video game development,” “I want to share that love by taking those ideas and dialing them up to 11 in the 21s century.”

There’s a four minute pitch video to give you a better idea of what they’re gunning for and how they plan to achieve it. You can check it out below.

We get to see some small glimpses of gameplay, where the main character uses a variety of over-the-top weapons to shoot, blow up, eviscerate and decimate his foes in order to progress through the game.

The developers want a title that features backtracking and level exploration, something missing from most newer AAA first-person shooters, as well as fast-paced, run-and-gun action, which was present in the 2016 outing of DOOM but hasn’t been prominent in other shooters since.

The goal is pretty simple: Saibot wants all the awesome gameplay from the 1990s first-person shooters such as DOOM, Blood and Chex Quest, but with the new-school graphics and visual effects afforded from today’s advanced game engines.

While the core gameplay mechanics may be present, the team is looking to expand their budget so that they can add a full single-player campaign, and possibly multiplayer modes, too.

The idea is that Saibot wants to avoid third-party investors in order to maintain their independence in the design of Hellbound, which is why they’re seeking funds through Kickstarter.

Whether or not they’ll be able to complete that goal over the course of the next 29 days remains to be seen, but if they do accomplish that task you can expect to see Hellbound make its debut in 2019.


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