Hide And Go Boom, First-Person Bomberman Updated With Player Configuration Tool
HIde and Go Boom

Partial Reality’s Hide and Go Boom is currently in Steam’s Early Access. It entered into Early Access back in February of this year, featuring tactical, arena-sized gameplay themed around planting bombs and blowing up your foes. In fact, the game is basically billed as a first-person Bomberman game.

Partial Reality recently updated the game with an all new player configuration tool, which now allows you to modify a number of different options for the game, including four-player split-screen play, the level size, the layers in the insanity mode, crate percentage, and the max players. For the last option, it’s now possible to have up to eight players on a map via the online PvP mode. If you don’t like playing online, then you can stick with the offline four-player split-screen options.

The gameplay of Hide and Go Boom is a direct homage to the 1983 release of Hudson Soft and Konami’s Bomberman. You’ll navigate through maze-like arenas, planting down bombs, and attempting to stay alive against your other foes while collecting power-ups and blowing the arena to smithereens. One hook for this game that wasn’t present in the old arcade and 16-bit versions of Bomberman is that you can utilize the 3D space to jump, hop, and move around vertically while navigating the arenas.

You can check out some footage of a match with the video below.

Having the gameplay take place in first-person means that it’s a lot more difficult to simply react based on what you can see around you, and more-so it’s focused on what you can see in front of you.

Just like Bomberman, you’ll use your bombs to clear out the arena and take down your foes. There are a number of power-ups currently available in the Early Access version of the game, including extra jump, extra speed, remote control bombs, bigger explosions, and involuntary bomb dropping.

Partial Reality has plans on adding more power-ups, game modes and content to Hide and Go Boom, with hopes of getting the game up and out sometime this year. Originally they only want to stay in Early Access for two to three months, but it looks like it’ll take a little longer than that.

If you’re interested, you can learn more by visiting the Steam Early Access page.


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