Horizon Chase Turbo Now Available On PS4, PC For $19.99
Horizon Chase Turbo

Brazilian development outfit, Aquiris Game Studio, announced that Horizon Chase Turbo is now available right now for the PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC for $19.99.

The 3D retro racer is designed to imitate old PSX titles from back in the mid-1990s. The actual gameplay, however, is similar to the over-the-top arcade racers like Chase HQ and home consoles fan-favorites like Top Gear and Test Drive. It even lifts the split-screen modes from Sega Genesis racers like Lamborghini: American Challenge and Lotus Turbo Challenge.

What you end up with is a combination of retro-enthused homages with new-school features, such as 4K resolution output, four-player split-screen gameplay for competitive local multiplayer, and online leaderboard support with a ghost racing mode so you can challenge the times of other racers from around the world.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the launch trailer below, which focuses heavily on the four-player split-screen gameplay and the resurgence of local multiplayer.

It’s good to see that some developers still value old-school multiplayer features. It’s become such a rarity these days outside of most Nintendo Switch titles.

But Horizon Chase Turbo has more than just split-screen racing going for it, it also sports more than 109 different tracks spread across 48 different cities. You’ll also have 12 different cups to compete in and complete. So there’s tons of replayability attached to a budget-priced game like Horizon Chase Turbo.

Also, that’s not to mention that there are 31 different vehicles to unlock along the way and 12 different upgrades you apply to each of the vehicles.

And you know how I mentioned Top Gear and Lotus Turbo Challenge above? Well, the original 1990’s sound designer for those games, Barry Leith, has been brought back to score the soundtrack for Horizon Chase Turbo. So it’s basically a buffet of nostalgia being fed to hungry gamers looking for a taste of classic gaming made available for today’s gaming platforms.

You can purchase Horizon Chase Turbo for $19.99 from the Steam store or the PlayStation Store.


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