Immortal Redneck And The Fall Are Now Available For Nintendo Switch

Immortal Redneck

Spanish developer Crema announced that the Nintendo Switch version of Immortal Redneck is currently available via the Nintendo eShop. The game originally came out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One earlier this year, sporting rogue-like mechanics and a story about a redneck who died in a dune buggy crash and turned into an immortal mummy.

After a minor wait, Crema kept to their word and released Immortal Redneck for the Nintendo Switch via the eShop for $19.99.

The game features more than 50 different weapons to collect, language support for 10 languages, and hard-as-nails gameplay themed around scaling a monster-filled pyramid with countless enemies to kill and plenty of power-up scrolls to collect in order to improve your chances of survival. One Angry Gamer’s Matt Smail seemed to enjoy it in his Immortal Redneck review. You can grab a copy right now from over on the Nintendo eShop page.

The second game that recently launched on the Nintendo Switch is Over The Moon’s The Fall. The hybrid point-and-click, 2D side-scroller puts players in the role of ARID, an artificial intelligence who must journey to save his host, who has been rendered unconscious while still in the combat suit.

Players will have to fight, run, platform, and solve puzzles in order to journey through the game world and reach safety.

Interestingly enough, The Fall for the Nintendo Switch runs at a native 1080p and 60 frames per second in the TV mode while docked, and at 720p and 60 frames per second during the portable mode.

Over The Moon made some modifications and alterations to the gameplay and performance of The Fall to take advantage of the Switch’s hardware, including altering the lighting and rendering, and optimizing the controls for the Switch’s Joy-Cons.

Unlike Immortal Redneck, you won’t have to pay $19.99 to get your hands on The Fall. The game is available on the Nintendo eShop for just $9.99. There’s also a 30% discount currently available for the first 14 days of the game being released for the Switch.

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