Item 42 Provides An Update On Blister’s Destructible Environments

Breaking radio silence, publisher and developer Item 42 have come forth with a new short video of Blister that shows destructible environments in action. Blister is currently in development as we speak and is set to launch for PC via Steam.

As of right now, Blister has no release date, which the same concept applies for the demo that was supposed to release in spring of 2017 but has yet to come to fruition as of 2018.

According to the developers behind Blister, it’s safe to assume that Item 42 wants to polish and fix up the tactical first-person shooter before releasing any playable builds to the public. However, this means that information on updates and development will be slow.

In addition to slow information coming out on Blister, there has been very little information on the game until the early part of May. One of the developers took to Twitter to show off the current progress made on Blister’s destructible environments and physics, which you can look over right here:

The above tweet reads that permanent concrete damage will be a thing thanks to Parallax Occlusion Mapped damage. Additionally, we can see that hard objects like the ceiling are susceptible to physics-based destruction, too.

All in all, Blister is a neat piece of work given that only a handful of developers are working on it, striving to bring a tactical yet fun FPS game to the indie market. Hopefully, we can get a release date for the demo sometime soon to see how the current version of Blister plays out.

While we wait for Item 42 to start back up their weekly dev blogs regarding Blister’s development, you can learn more about this game by heading on over to their Twitter account or And finally, Blister will release for PC via Steam sometime in the future.


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