Jawbreakers Comic Will Not Be Published By Antarctic Press In September [Updated]

Jawbreakers Comic

[Update:] It’s been brought to our attention that Antarctic Press reneged on their deal to publish Jawbreakers in September. Diversity & Comics shared an updated post from the publisher via a tweet on May 11th, 2018, in which they stated…

“After careful consideration, it is the decision of Antarctic Press to not release the comic series Jawbreakers.


“Antarctic Press is a staunch believer in Creator’s Rights and giving creators a chance to showcase their creation and allowing that creation to be judged on its merits.


“Many forces, many of them should be viewed with great trepidation about how our society acts, have led us to this decision. We do not take this decision lightly as we do believe that there should be separation between “ART” and the “ARTIST’ and that separation has been blurred in our decision.


“We appreciate all our supporters and detractors in this process.


“Thank you for taking the time to read our statement.


“This statement will be removed in 7 days.”

Richard C. Meyer and Jon Malin have announced that they will be making their own publishing company to produce comic books that aren’t made under the influence of SJWs called Splatto Comics.

Meyer also advised people not to attack Antarctic Press for the decision that they made.

[Original article:] You’ll be able to pick up physical copies of the Jawbreakers comic book this September, courtesy of publisher Antarctic Press. The publishing company recently made the news known on May 9th, 2018 when they tweeted out that they would be handling the comic being made by Diversity & Comics’ Richard C. Meyer and Marvel Comics artist Jon Malin.

The publisher obviously isn’t quite as big as some of the other names out there like IDC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse, or Top Cow, but they have been helping smaller brands get around the retail chains since 1985, with some titles like Gold Digger, Ninja High School and Twilight X being a few of their notable entries.

This comes on the heels of some retail outlets claiming in a private group chat that they would not be selling Jawbreakers to the public, as a means of protesting against Diversity & Comics, because the YouTube channel oftentimes criticizes the poor writing and equally poor artwork from SJW creators.

The retailers were exposed for attempting to maintain a group boycott against Jawbreakers, but whether or not they will renege on their efforts will be predicated by the availability of the comic when it launches for backers this August, and then across additional chains in September.

Meyer is focusing on physical sales in order to reignite interest in the dying comic book industry after DC and Marvel began courting Social Justice Warriors, which caused comic book sales to take a nosedive over the last six years. Marvel began canceling some SJW comic books and fired the former editor-in-chief who headed Marvel in the direction of SJWism, but it may be too little, too late at this point.

What’s amazing is that there are actually retailers wanting to bar the sale of Jawbreakers from their store shelves. One would think that just about every retailer out there would be welcoming the possibility of driving up sales, but Social Justice Warriors have never been one to court logic.