Killing Floor Incursion Gameplay Walkthrough
Killing Floor Incursion Gameplay Walkthrough

The PlayStation VR version of Killing Floor Incursion is out and available, and it’s a fairly short experience but one that some PSVR owners might want to dive into if they have a headset. For gamers curious how the first-person, action-survival game plays out, there’s a gameplay walkthrough available for Killing Floor Incursion for the PlayStation VR.

YouTuber TheFenner32 has a playlist available featuring Killing Floor Incursion from start to finish. You can check it out below.

The game starts with the calibrating of the PlayStation Move controllers, as well as allowing you to choose your dominate hand for when it’s time to fire weapons and use your attacks. Once the calibration process is complete, you’ll be able to dive into the game by experiencing a cinematic to help setup the story.

The cinematic reveals that the soldier received head trauma and they use the machine to dive back into his memory to see what happened.

You’ll receive a tutorial on how to pick up and shoot weapons. You’ll need to use the Circle button to pick up the weapon on the crate. Use the Square button on the second PlayStation Move wand to grab the fore-grip on the assault rifle. You can use the trigger on the back of the wand to fire the weapon. Kill the zeds walking down the street to end the sequence and move to the next segment, which will allow you to either play through or skip the tutorial phase.

How To Use Killing Floor Incursion Controls

If you choose to do the tutorial training simulation, you’ll need to learn how to teleport around. Use the left PlayStation Move’s center button to teleport around the map. You’ll be limited in how often you can teleport, though. If you teleport too much you’ll receive limited teleportation abilities until the teleport bar recharges.

You can pick up health items using Square on the left wand and Triangle on the Right wand. Pressing them together will allow you to retrieve and use the health packs.

You can holster your sidearms on your utility belt and carry an assault rifle in your hands. You can holster weapons by lowering your hands to your waist belt and pressing Square to holster weapons on the left and Triangle to holster weapons on the right. While dual-wielding weapons, you can press Triangle on the left wand or Circle on the right wand to reload the weapons.

You can also acquire melee weapons and use them either as physical attack objects or as throwing objects. Use Square and Triangle to store melee weapons on your back by reaching behind you and pressing the corresponding buttons to store them on your back. You can also reach over your shoulder and press the corresponding buttons to retrieve your melee weapons.

Press the center Move button while a melee weapon is out to change the weapon attack type from a physical attack into a throwing attack.

In dark areas you can use the flashlight to light up an area. You can use the flashlight’s alternate scanning mode to uncover certain hidden objects or other environmental intricacies.

If you choose to play the game in co-op mode, you can help out your buddy if they bite the dust by getting close to them within the sphere and standing by them until they’re revived. You’ll need to defend them from within the sphere until they’re brought back to life.


Once you complete the tutorial you can either do the Story Mode or the Holdout mode. The Story Mode will take you through the levels where you’ll have to progress through each level in older to complete the game.

When you start the mission you’ll need to pick up the pistol and then click on the “Ready Up” to begin the mission.

Use the the teleport mechanic to make your way along the pathway and across the bridge. Keep moving forward until you reach the gate. You’ll need to put your gun in the holster and use your hand to pull the digital valve on the gate. Open the gate and move through the trailer park. There’s some ammo by a pole for your pistol, along with a knife that you can pick up.

Kill the few zeds and then you’ll need to retrieve a fuel can behind the trailer. It’s the trailer at the far end of the park directly opposite of the gate you need to proceed through.

Take the fuel can over to the generator and fill up the generator.

You’ll need to fend off the zeds while you wait for the gate to open.

There’s about a dozen zeds, so don’t hesitate to use the knife to melee the enemies until the gate is open.

Proceed through the gate and you’ll find some ammo on the side on the road as well as some health. You’ll need to face off against some fast-moving crawlers before you can proceed toward the creepy old farm house.

Follow the pathway until you reach the fence and move left along the fence until you reach more zeds. This will also take you directly to the farm house.

The best course of action is to use your knife as much as much as possible. When you get to the farmhouse you’ll have to face off against a bunch of enemies. Use the knife on the first wave of zeds, and then kill of the fast-crawlers. You can also punch at the enemies to push them back, but you can’t kill them by punching them.

Proceed to the rear of the house to retrieve health, ammo, and a second pistol on the back porch. Once you get the ammo and weapons, go to the front of the house and grabbing the virtual hacking node and pull it out to open the door.

Once inside, you’ll need to find the corrupted code pieces and place them into the broken wall of code. The pices you’ll need to collect are red and glowing. You’ll find one piece in the kitchen and the second piece is upstairs in the bedroom.

There’s a third piece on the second floor in the bedroom off the balcony, and a fourth piece on the balcony just outside.

You can only carry one piece at a time, so quickly – once you get a piece – race back to the wall with the glowing code and place the corrupted red piece into the wall.

Once you put all of the pieces into place, Emma will give you a little talk about the whole thing being weird, and then you’ll get rushed by a bunch of zeds.

It would probably be best to go outside of the farmhouse and finish off the next wave of zeds in order to unlock the next area.

Open up the node panel on your wrist and then click the question mark on the panel to have the AI companion, Node, direct you to the next location.

You’ll need to proceed to the very back of the farmhouse and to the left side of the area. There’s an open ledge on the far left side that you’ll need to teleport over and follow Node into the open area.

This will lead you toward a boss fight with a chainsaw zed. You’ll learn how to use grenades. There are a handful of grenades scattered around the area for the boss fight. It’s best to drop them and then teleport a short distance in front of the grenade so that it blows up as the chainsaw zed is chasing you.

The grenades will do the most damage, but you can also use your pistols to eventually kill him. It’s best to charge up your teleport and then wait for him to get close and then teleport away so that you can create some separation. The closer to death he gets the faster he moves, making him highly volatile and very dangerous.

Keep alternating between teleporting and using the pistols until he dies. Once he’s finished off, move into the red portal node to end the mission.

The Catacombs

The next stage will take you into the Catacombs.

Take the pistols and knives and then ready up to start the mission.

You’ll end up inside a destroyed lab. You can acquire an axe from inside a safety glass. You can also acquire a shotgun on counter behind the reception desk.

You can replace your two knives with the shotgun and axe if you want. Using the shotgun requires two hands, one hand to fire and the second hand to pump the stock after each shot.

Once you kill the zeds, proceed to the elevator and activate the corrupted code to open up the panel and step inside the elevator to take it down to the lower levels.


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