Kingdom Hearts 3 Video Previews Titan Boss Battle
Kingdom Hearts 3

A new six minute video preview for Square Enix and Disney’s Kingdom Hearts III was released via Gamespot, featuring a boss fight against a giant rock titan.

Sora speeds up a cliff side while rocks are falling from above – being thrown by the titan boss of course. It’s a neat little segment where Sora runs straight up the cliff face while dodging the rocks, and jumping off of them in order to reach the top. It’s the sort of thing you would expect from an anime.

Once he reaches the plateau near the top he engages in some battles against some small creatures. We see a variety of different combo abilities and a few special moves. I do hope that in the full thing the glowing environments won’t be so conspicuous. Rocks and platforms that you can access have giant white lights working as indicators that you can climb up them. You can check it out below.

After dodging some more rocks and scaling another vertical rock surface, Sora finally reaches the top of the mountain and begins fighting the titan.

Very similar to God of War or Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, players will have to climb up the boss and begin unleashing massive attacks on him.

The fight culminates with a giant neon train filled with lights that shoots off fireworks. Players will have to dodge the titan’s fists, blast him with fireworks and finally destroy him.

As most commenters pointed out, hopefully Goofy doesn’t keep yelling “Look out!” during the entire fight, otherwise that could be horribly annoying.

The mix of platforming, mini-games and hack-and-slash combat seems to be the thematic traits for the combat in the game.

Kingdom Hearts III still doesn’t have a release date but it’s due out at some point in the future for PS4 and Xbox One.


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