Lagoon Lounge Visual Novel Attempts To Seduce Gamers Into The World Of Furries
Lagoon Lounge

If you thought we’ve already reached peak degeneracy, what with the furry community, the alt-furry community, and the brony LARPing community, you haven’t seen anything yet (and maybe you don’t want to). But if you’re prepared to enter into a world of visual novels that can churn stomachs and twist sausages, then maybe you’ve steeled yourself for KAIJYU-09’s Lagoon Lounge.

This isn’t just another story about hot, muscled up fox-men and dog-dudes flexing across your screen in high-quality CGs. Oh no, this is a story about some anthropomorphic hotties retreating to a village in order to hook up and doggie each other in the duty dumpers.

Lagoon Lounge is about a group of friends who retreat to a mysterious village to get away from the stresses of normal day life, taking up menial jobs to make ends meet and to meet new people. They eventually use this opportunity to also get laid.

Yes, this is a game about muscly furry men using their tongues and their genetically-intimidating procreative tools in order to squeeze out every ounce of pleasure that drips from their lascivious adventure.

Beyond hooking up and exchanging bodily fluids in ways most readers would rather not imagine, the game also has a subplot about a mysterious fountain by the village’s plaza.

In between busting nuts and slurping cream from strudels, players will have to discover what makes the fountain so poisonous. Obviously, most people won’t care because they’ll be too busy looking dog-men in tight-fitting shirts and cat dudes who look like they slipped into a costume after stepping off a Chi Chi Larue set.

Lagoon Lounge will officially unlock its degeneracy for Steam gamers starting May 30th. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page. Be warned, though, if you aren’t girded strong in your beliefs and you don’t have a good lock down on your loins, it’s the sort of game that will try to turn you and your kids… furry.


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