The Last DeadEnd, Surival-Horror Game Launches May 5th On Steam
The Last DeadEnd

AzDimension, a developer from the Republic of Azerbaijan, announced that The Last DeadEnd is set to launch on May 5th. The survival horror-game is powered by the Unreal Engine 4, offering players a mix of first-person and third-person combat and exploration.

The game is centered around Farhad Novruzov, who returns to his homeland of Azerbaijan to film a documentary for a television channel. The theme of the documentary is based around Zoroastrianism, and some odd events that have taken place around the mysterious religion.

Players will spend most of their time around the real life city of Baku, which is detailed with surprising accuracy by the developers, and rendered with exquisite detail using the Unreal Engine 4 rendering pipeline. According to the press release, some of the city designs were based on real-life 1:1 scales of the actual city of Baku.

The Last DeadEnd - City Streets ft. Unreal Engine 4

The lighting is the real standout feature here, with some great use of natural light sourcing, and dynamic reflections. The restrained implementation of soft shadows and environmental lighting works magnificently insofar that it helps give the game a very realized and grounded visual look.

You can actually see how the gameplay is depicted with the trailer below, which showcases some of the cinematics, some of the exploration, and some of the first-person combat as well.

The game gives you many of the typical gameplay features you would expect from a survival horror title, including limited amounts of ammunition, puzzles you’ll have to solve, environments you’ll have to scour for clues, and even various types of monsters and occultists you’ll battle using a number of different weapons.

The game reminds me a little bit of Perfect Dark meets Alone In The Dark.

You can look for The Last DeadEnd to launch on May 5th for $8.99. For more info you can check out the Steam store page.


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