LaTale City Of Light Update Adds 60 New Quests, 3 New Dungeons, 30 New Weapons
LaTale City of Light

Vertigo Games and Actoz Soft’s LaTale is still ticking. It’s amazing that the game has lasted this long, especially given how volatile the MMO market is. Then again, LaTale was always considered as a second-rate version of MapleStory, so maybe that’s why it’s still going strong?

Anyway, the game was recently updated with a massive new patch called the City of Light. It brings with it a ton of new content, including 60 new quests to complete, three all new dungeons and a new town to explore, 30 brand new upgradeable weapons, three new bosses and 20 new monsters to defeat.

Heck, there’s enough new content in City of Light to fill its very own game.

The general gist of the new update is that a city of light is currently under siege by a demonic assault. Players must rise up and become heroes as they attempt to push back the demon hordes and protect the town.

The new dungeons include the White Cole Canyon, the Jewel Forest, and the Waterfall Forest.

You’ll need a fairly high level character if you want to venture to any of those places. They’re tuned for players who are level 227 or higher.

What’s most interesting is that for stat junkies, there’s a changelog for the patch notes that contains all of the different modifications and balances that the developers made in order to tweak and bring some of the items up to par. It’s quite in depth, along with changes to the prestige and achievement ranks. You can check those out over on the official patch notes page.

In addition to all that other stuff, Vertigo Games couldn’t pass up the opportunity to fill out the cash shop with some more cosmetic items. In light of that, you’ll find several new hairstyles, eye color sets, and afterimages available in the cash shop.

You can learn more about the new update by visiting the official LaTale website.

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