Loadout Officially Shuts Down May 24th In Light Of GDPR, Rising Cloud Costs
Loadout Uncensored

Edge of Reality no longer has the finances to stay afloat, much less update the third-person shooting game, Loadout. In a final nail in the coffin for the game, Edge of Reality CEO Rob Cohen posted up a farewell message over on the Steam page, indicating that the game will officially shut down on May 24th.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation would require an overhaul of how they would have to update Loadout to work in compliance with the requirements of the policy, which is set to get underway on May 25th at the end of the month. As noted in Cohen’s post, they just didn’t have the resources given the limited amount of time to make the changes quickly enough to comply…

“[…] hile big companies have the resources to comply with the GDPR, that’s not always the case for small businesses. We still protect your privacy, and we wouldn’t dream of doing otherwise. We just don’t have the resources to overhaul Loadout and implement new features to meet a large list of new requirements.”

To make matters worse is that the cloud services that they relied on in order to host Loadout are also coming to an end. This means that they would have to port all their server data over to a new host and Cohen mentions that all the other cloud services are more costly than the method they’re currently using, thus it wouldn’t justify the expenditure.

Cohen writes…

“Other cloud products recently getting discontinued are resulting in much higher server costs, while Loadout’s revenues stay flat. This just put Loadout deep into the red, losing an alarming amount of money per month.


“So, enjoy your last moments of Loadout, and record them for posterity!”

It’s just another game in a long line of online-only titles that eventually come to an end, bringing all your progress and financial investments with it.

It’s kind of unfortunate because the game just recently received an uncensored mod, which you can download from over on the Undertow.club.

It makes both the male and female character nude, exposing all their private bits.

Well, it looks like you’ll get to enjoy the nude mod in Loadout for about a month before it goes kaput. So have fun!


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