Love Witches, Uncensored Tentacle-Themed Visual Novel Lands On Nutaku
Love Witches

While is just dipping its toes into the sexy waters of visual novels and turning it into a hallmark moment for the digital distribution industry, Nutaku is continuing the trend of hosting uncensored, 18+ content as if it’s just another Tuesday. The latest game to join the ever-growing library of adult-themed games on Nutaku is called Love Witches and it’s available right now.

The novel was originally Kickstarted last year to the tune of $4,460. The game managed to escape under the SJW radar and avoid coming under fire or being censored while on the crowdfunding platform. After a year of working on the title, Nad0eda announced that the game is available on Nutaku for just $5.00.

The visual novel is a naughty tale about a poor tentacle living in a very dangerous world. The tentacle ends up happening upon two very nice and beautiful lesbian witches. The tentacle attempts to convince the witches that he means no harm while potentially providing them with unspeakable pleasures as they enhance and increase their bond over hijinks and a budding romance involving the three. There are plenty of NSFW images and encounters in the game, as featured in the NSFW image below.

The game features more than 15 different uncensored CG sequences, along with multiple endings depending on the choices you make throughout the visual novel.

There are two girls that you’ll romance throughout the game as a tentacle, and there are plenty of over-the-top sequences to keep you engaged in more than one way.

As is usual with most Nutaku entries, Love Witches has no DRM so you won’t be shackled down with the ‘ole ball and chain like the Steam marriage you’re used to. Besides, most people are realizing that it’s time to get a divorce from Valve and try other PC digital distributors after the company pulled that nonsense with trying to take away gamers’ waifus by censoring and removing certain visual novels.

Well, if you want to play unfettered, uncensored, unhampered visual novels, you can do so by grabbing Love Witches for $5.00 from the Nutaku store page.


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