MachiaVillain, Evil Mansion Simulator Lands On Steam May 16th For $19


Dutch publisher, Good Shepherd Entertainment, and French developer, Wild Factor, announced that the evil mansion simulator, MachiaVillain, will be available on Steam later this month starting May 16th for $19.99.

The game originally sounds like Haunting for the Sega Genesis, where you’ll need to scare off potential victims to raise your ghoulish survival meter, but it’s a lot more sinister than that. In MachiaVillain you actually have to raise a troop of monsters, keep them fed, keep them happy, and keep your house off the police’s radar.

The game involves luring hapless victims to the house, and then using a number of villainous antics to kill them, eat their brains, strip them of their flesh, or devour their soul.

MachiaVillain seems to be mix of games like RimWorld and the Tycoon series, where you’ll have to manage the growth of your haunted mansion while also micromanaging the monsters in your house. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

Now there’s a pretty big caveat here to running your villainous mansion on the outskirts of town. The league of evil requires that all evil cohorts must abide by certain rules in order for kills to count effectively: victims must be alone when or killed, or you can only kill more than one during coitus. Virgins always die last. All victims must be allowed to leave the mansion by dawn. Don’t kill the dogs.

You must maintain your probity when following the rules, otherwise you could end up falling out of favor with the league of evil, your monsters could end up turning on you, and you’ll end up having your haunted mansion swarmed by some pesky police officers.

If you do right by the rules of horror, you’ll be able to kill your victims, harvest their body parts, craft new ingredients, upgrade and manage your smorgasbord of sinister souls and bedeviled boogeymen, as well as find new ways to keep them fed, and the house guest dead.

You can learn more about MachiaVillain from Wild Factor by paying a visit to the Steam store.

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