Manmade, Sci-Fi Thriller Receives Playable Demo
Manmade Demo

Turkish developers Cbilab VR Studios announced that a playable demo for their sci-fi thriller, Manmade. The dystopian cyberpunk title is about a guy who helped design the dystopian AI that rules society, and now he’s become the biggest target and threat to the system.

There are some very obvious parallels to classic sci-fi fanfare like Blade Runner and The Matrix, while the gameplay itself is themed around narrative-based progression. Players will take on the roles of Anika and Kaan, exploring the environments, examining clues, and attempting to unravel the truth behind the conspiracy that lays at the heart of the game.

You can see the cinematic trailer below to get an idea of what sort of aesthetic Cbilab VR is going for.

Bora Helvacioglu, the art director of Cbilab Studios explained in the press release that they’re aiming for a more cinematic approach to the VR narrative design, saying…

“We hope to deliver a cinematic experience of what life could be like in a dystopian AI ruled future. To do that, we used real actors through 3D digital scanning. The goal is to make the game feel like an epic movie experience that you are a part of.”

The demo centers around Kaan attempting to find answers as to why his life is unraveling and who could be behind it. He’s inside a server room where he’s attempting to find out what’s going on before it’s too late.

The game is also scheduled to appear on Kickstarter, but ahead of the Kickstarter the developers wanted to seed the demo out there so that they could get some feedback on what to improve and whether or not they’re headed in the right direction. There’s both a normal PC version of the demo available along with a demo for the HTC Vive. You can gain access to game by visiting the official website for an opportunity to get your hands on a free copy.


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