You May BE-A Walker, But Will You Take Eldorado?


No, it really isn’t. Neither is this Shadow Moses and the only Snake in the grass around these parts is likely to be you.

These ‘parts’ being a reference to Eldorado, a distant Earth-like planet that’s attracted the interests of an overpopulated/perishing human race much to the dismay of its humanoid inhabitants. Yeah, and it’s oh-no surprise that they aren’t willing to share their resource-laden jungles with us space troopers.

BE-A Walker Story-line Trailer

BE-A Walker got a page on Steam. is the story-line trailer.

Posted by Tequilabyte Studio on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Any trust these scantily clad host may have placed in their planet’s atmosphere seems to have failed, for us troopers have managed to devise a few fancy air filters to help with its poisonous nature. As for their mixed arsenal of spears and missiles? That’s where the problem lies.

And that’s also where you come in, pilot of the Bipedal Enhanced Assault Walker battle mech. Your mission, should you unassumingly choose to accept, is to deliver Eldorado from its natives into the hands of your insatiable brethren, the colonizers.

Ah see, but you do indeed have a choice. War being not the only means to an end, BE-A Walker goes so far as to encourage players to turn against their kindred in the name of morality. I love how all of this comes across in 2.20 minutes of the trailer, which also neatly illustrates the overall soundscape.

Motivation speech

Our AI doesn't work without a good motivaion speech.

Posted by Tequilabyte Studio on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Nestled within the battle cries is a walking simulator; BE-A Walker grants its pilot, you, control over each of its legs to either of step forward, move left/right, lift/drop to avoid stray bullets or squash the enemy into sinew.

Tequilabyte Studio claims its no easy task and I’m inclined to believe it, considering its previous involved getting a Sumoman across a physics-based puzzle platformer. BE-A Walker’s world will also be generated seamlessly and is being primed for an August, 2018 release on Steam.

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