Metro Exodus Delayed To Q1 2019 For PC, PS4, Xbox One
Metro Exodus

If you were hoping to get some great new gameplay footage from Deep Silver and 4A Games at this year’s E3 for the upcoming first-person shooter horror game, Metro: Exodus, you’re going to be in for the unpleasant surprise of watching brand new gameplay footage for a game that’s been delayed into the early first half of 2019.

Deep Silver sent out word that the highly anticipated first-person shooter has been pushed back out of its late 2018 release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and is now scheduled to release next year in 2019.

The press release is worded rather interesting, with the PR noting that Deep Silver has been “keeping an eye” on the announcements from their competitors and monitoring the release windows for when other FPS games will launch. They note that since this is the most ambitious Metro game in the series – and that they want it to be the best that it can be – they decided to move the release date back by a couple of quarters.

Originally Metro: Exodus was announced as having a fall, 2018 release window, which Deep Silver confirmed back in December of 2017. But apparently after seeing how development was progressing, they figured they needed more time.

The press notice states that development is “progressing well”, but it obviously still needs more attention, tender, love, and bit of coding care before it can be released into the general public.

As mentioned at the top of the article, there will be some brand new gameplay footage unveiled for Metro: Exodus at this year’s upcoming E3 in June. The footage will also contain a look at one of the brand new environments within Metro: Exodus.

It’s unlikely that they’ll reveal an actual release date at E3, but then again maybe they will. I suppose for now we just have to wait for E3 for more info on what could have possibly caused the delay or just how big they’re planning on making Metro: Exodus.


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