Mile 22 Trailer Features Mark Wahlberg And Iko Uwais Kicking Butt And Causing Chaos
Mile 22 (2018)

Finally, we get some real action movie fanfare for real action movie fans. Peter Berg’s Mile 22 features some high-octane action set within Southeast Asia, where an Indonesian operative is seeking asylum in the U.S., and a covert group known as Overwatch is assigned to protect him on his way out of the country.

Mark Wahlberg is the operative in charge of Overwatch, but this isn’t some fruity organization filled with with avatars representing lip-service to Leftist tumblrites. No, this Overwatch consists of actual badasses who fire big guns and get things done. Joining Wahlberg in the Overwatch group is John Malkovich as the director and Lauren Cohan and Ronda Rousey as backup.

The group is tasked with getting Iko Uwais’ character to safety on the airstrip, all while another mysterious character is causing chaos around the city attempting to take out Wahlberg and the rest of Overwatch. It’s a little bit like 16 Blocks meets The Berlin File. You can check the trailer out below courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

What’s cool here is that we get the espionage thriller aspects of a Berg film with some mostly quality actors from the Hollywood talent pool, but it’s combined with the kind of high-octane explosions, realized shootouts and break-neck martial arts that you would expect from a typical Uwais flick. It’s the kind of film that would deserve to sit on your shelf as a Blu-ray, no joke.

Let’s just hope that the full movie lives up tot the potential portrayed in the trailer. When you see a trailer showcase a mixture of cool chase sequences, hardcore fisticuffs, and some stable tracking shots of the hand-to-hand sequences, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

So far a lot of YouTube commenters are just as excited about the film as I am, so it’s likely worth checking out when it hits theaters on August 3rd later this year.


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