Momoiro Closet Uncensored Patch Available For Download
Momoiro Closet Uncensored Patch

Frontwing’s Otaku-themed visual novel, Momoiro Closet, is currently available for purchase from participating digital distribution outlets. Additionally, for anyone who settled for picking up the censored version from the Steam store, there is an 18+ uncensored patch currently available for download… right now.

SteamUncensored picked up the news after the patch was made available for download on the Jastusa Steam patch page.

Momoiro Closet - Upskirt

The patch contains all the uncensored bits in a 266MB zip file. Simply download the file and then unzip the contents into a folder.

Make sure that before you proceed that your version of Momoiro Closet is updated to the latest version.

Proceed to run the “moroclo_STeam_R18DLC_en.exe” file to begin the installation process of the R18+ patch.

Once the patch is finished installing open up the game and it should have the full uncensored CG images added to the Steam version of Momoiro Closet.

Momoiro Closet - School Girl Upskirt

If you did it successfully, when you encounter the sexy-time scenes in Momoiro Closet you’ll no longer have to worry about missing out on all the flavorful experiences that come with the lust-inducing beauties featured in the adult-themed visual novel.

This will also add some sugar and spice to some of the existing scenes in the game, such as the proverbial sauna segment that is a cornerstone trope in just about every manga, anime or JRPG.

Momoiro Cloest - Hot Spring

Now, beyond all that stuff… if you don’t know what Momoiro Closet is about, the game is a romance VN steeped heavily in Otaku culture.

In fact, the game centers around an average dude named Hashima Reiji. He’s a typical Otaku; he loves manga, anime, video games and cosplay. One day he finds out that the most popular and studious girl in school is actually an anime-obsessed cosplayer, leading to the duo establishing a budding relationship built around their love of all things Otaku.

The visual novel is written by Yuhi Nanoa, who also wrote Corona Blossom and INO did the CG illustrations.

You can pick up a digital copy of Momoiro Closet right now from the Steam store for $29.99.


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