MONMUSU 18+ Uncensored Patch Available For Download

The apropriately named Tentacle Games and Neko Works recently released the monster girl game, MONMUSU, a free-to-play idle simulation onto Steam. You don’t have to put any money down to start playing or enjoying the game, but you’ll probably want the 18+ uncensored patch if you really want to have a good time.

You can download the uncensored patch right now from the Tentacle Studio download page.

The file clocks in at just under 700KB, so the patch is more like an unlock, rather than one of those patches that contains gigabytes worth of lewd CG images.

SteamUncensored offers instructions on how to install the patch. First and foremost you’ll have to extract the zip file.

  1. Once the contents of the zip file are extracted, proceed to copy the patch18plus.bin file into MONMUSU‘s game directory.
  2. You’ll find the directory at: steamapps/common/MONMUSU
  3. Once the patch is installed, boot up the game and you should be able to enjoy the clicker in all its uncensored glory.

MONMUSU - Gel Girl

You may want to grab a copy of MONMUSU right now because Valve is actually cracking down on sexy-time games.

If you haven’t heard, Valve has been sending threatening letters to the makers of sexy visual novels, clickers, and dating sims. If your game has lewd content or is designed to attract straight, white males, you’re likely going to be targeted by Valve.

It started when HuniePot, the developer of HunieCam Studio and HuniePop, announced that Valve threatened to remove the censored version of HuniePop from the Steam store unless he censored the game even more. Neko Works was also caught in the crossfire – yes, the same people who published MONMUSU.

MONMUSU - Winged Bird Girl

If you don’t hurry and add lewd games to your library right now, Valve will likely completely remove them from the Steam store within a month’s time.

Exactly why these games are being targeted and removed has not been disclosed, and given Valve’s reticence regarding these matters, there’s no way to know for sure what the end game is, but most suspect that this is more of a direct attack on depriving straight, white males from being able to enjoy sexy-time games on Steam.

If you want to grab a copy of MONMUSU if you didn’t already install it on your hard drive, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.


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