Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Release August 28th For Nintendo Switch
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Capcom is keeping the Monster Hunter train rolling, this time for Nintendo Switch owners with the follow-up to Monster Hunter Generations called Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, due out for release on August 28th at the end of the summer.

The game will be available both as a digital and as a physical release, in both Europe and North America. The game will feature local wireless and online multiplayer, so you can play via the local area network or by teaming up with other players from all around the world.

The game will also be demonstrated at this year’s E3 at the Capcom #2223 booth inside the Los Angeles Center. There will be fully playable demonstrations of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, showcasing how well the game will look and run both tabletop and TV mode.

You can see what the graphics look like with the trailer below, which also highlights some of the six different hunting styles and their unique arts.

Obviously Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate doesn’t hold a candle, graphically, to the fidelity featured in Monster Hunter World. The game has to accommodate for the change in mobile compatibility, so obviously it’s not going to look as sharp or as detailed as the one on the Xbox One or PS4.

Like the other typical Monster Hunter games, you will have to defeat monsters, skin them, reap their resources, craft new materials, make stronger weapons, and kill bigger monsters.

You can complete quests solo or team up with three other players and cooperatively work together to take on the Fated Four, along with an all new Elder Dragon.

There have also been some new gameplay mechanics added in the form of two all new fighting styles, including the Brave style that does more damage the more consecutive blows you land, and the Alchemy Style, which is a support style that relies on using items to heal teammates and debuff your foes.

You can look for more info to go live for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate when it arrives at E3 this June, ahead of its August 28th, 2018 release for the Nintendo Switch.

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