Monster Prom Gameplay Walkthrough
Monster Prom Walkthrough

Beautiful Glitch and Those Awesome Guys’ Monster Prom has become quite popular in the SJW circles and with so-called Progressives within the YouTube circles. For gamers who have picked up a copy of the monster-oriented dating sim, there are a few walkthrough guides available to help get you through the game and land a date with the monster of your choice.

YouTuber Nezeru starts off with a walkthrough for the Polly Geist route, showing you how to get through the game and unlock a sexy prom night with the blue vixen. You can check out the walkthrough video below.

You can start with the single-player game or the online portion. If you start the game you can choose between a single-player game or up to four players.

You can then choose from a short game or the full game, the latter of which clocks in at around 60 minutes of play-time.

At the start of the game you can choose from four different characters, none of whom are white. You’ll have a green zombie, a black chick who has fiery hair, a black (literally black) symbiote, and a green Frankenstein chick.

Monster Prom - Character Selection Screen

Like most modern Western games, you cannot play any whites with blonde hair.

After you select your character you can then choose your name and the pronoun, which is another clear sign that the game is made by SJWs.

Once you choose your character you’ll be introduced to the six characters you can romance.

You’ll only have three weeks to win over the monster of your choice.

You’ll start with a quiz in a magazine, which helps determine your character’s personality.

The choices for the quizzes breakdown as “So Fun”, “So Bold” and “So Creative”, while other choices will be “So Smart”, “So Wealthy”, and “So Charming”.

Some of the choices will directly relate to the potential romance options, such as the quiz that asks what would be a deal-breaker in a potential lover. You can see which choice corresponds to each of the six characters:

Monster Prom - Quiz Questions

While there are different routes and random events in the game, if you start at the auditorium or encounter Polly who wants to spike a drink, you can choose to tell her that turning him into a werewolf is the better option and she’ll say it’s cute.

You can choose to sit at a table with the character you want to romance. If you’re attempting to romance Polly you’ll want to focus on doing something fun and mean.

Remember that you can charm Polly by upgrading your charm and your fun.

Monster Prom - Free Drinks

If your fun is high enough you can end up with Polly going out to the night club. There’s a dude at the bar you can drug for free drinks that will raise your affinity with Polly.

If you go to a dodge ball game at the night of week 2 Polly will request you to help her achieve a Reverse Romanian Willkinson… sexually.

Monster Prom - Reverse Romanian Wilkinson

If you tell Polly you’ve done it plenty of times, and she’ll want do it at the prom.

Polly may also ask you about your spirit emoji – make sure you tell her that it’s a heart next to hers.

During the lunch break visit Polly at the table and be sure to choose something fun to raise your charm with her.

You’ll also need to purchase several items for the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson. You’ll need to find the furry Nyan Cat who will sell you the items you need to perform the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson. You’ll need the penguin mask so you’ll need $10.

Visit the library and you’ll do a Kickstarter to earn $2 while also learning more about the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson.

If your charm is high enough, talk to the Coven and they’ll reveal what you’ll need for the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson. If you’re successful you’ll learn that you’ll need: a penguin mask, a bag of marbles, and a bowl of guacamole.

The witches will give you some marbles but you’ll still need the penguin mask and guacamole.

You can visit the library at night to engage in a game of poker to earn some money so you can purchase the penguin mask.

Monster Prom - The Penguin Mask

If you go to the rave party at night, Polly will be depressed, tell her to piss off the priest to raise your relationship with her.

In order to get the guacamole, you’ll need to go to class and talk to Liam, who will have the guacamole. If you have enough charm you can blackmail Liam to get your guacamole.

You’ll have the guacamole, the penguin mask and the marbles for Polly. On the night of the prom ask Polly and she’ll perform the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson.

Dating Miranda – Good Ending

YouTuber wolftooth has a video walkthrough on how to romance Miranda in the game, since she’s the next best waifu in Monster Prom.

After you create your character you can start the game at the gym, Vera and Miranda will be there and cornered by the Wolfpack.

You can intervene by saying you’re taking Miranda out on a date.

Keep in mind that unlike Polly, Miranda is a classic princess-style character and will want to be wooed, fall in love with someone who is charming and acts like a prince, and is wealthy. The typical uptight, rich, spoiled girl in any modern-day first world society.

During lunch, go to Miranda’s table. Depending on the conversation you’ll want to indulge her since of royalty, so in one case you’ll want to suggest she gets a puppy serf.

You can further woo her by going back to the gym during the dodgeball game and mentioning to her that if she becomes prom queen she can tax the students.

If you’re in the library at night you can earn some extra coin during a gambling run. Miranda will sneak up on you from behind and you’ll need to explain to her that you were just watching a cooking show.

Your main goal is to increase your smarts, charm, and money around Miranda.

Continue to woo Miranda during discussions by visiting her in the cafeteria during lunch break. If you encounter the discussion involving Miranda and the secret sauce, tell her it contains the blood of the royals and you’ll raise your affinity with her.

At night you can once again charm her by visiting the library where she’ll appear distraught due to people saying mean things on the internet. However, tell her that she owns the internet and you’ll further raise your affinity with her.

When the Coven comes to pester Miranda, Vera, and Polly in the library, you can get rid of them and raise your affinity with Miranda by choosing to whip out your rooster. DO NOT choose to chop up all the study tables, otherwise you’ll lose points with Miranda.

During the cafeteria segment the next day, Miranda and Liam will get into an argument. You’ll want to choose to help Miranda undermine Liam’s criticism of the cafeteria by getting homeless people to bump up the Yelp reviews.

Attend the dodgeball game at the gym at night and Miranda will be there again; you’ll go out on a date and you’ll need to choose the top answer, where it states that anything you order will taste good if you eat it with Miranda.

After the date you’ll be able to finally romance Miranda and ask her to the prom.

Now one of the characters that people have been clamoring to get in the good graces of, is the snarky vampire Liam. Wolftooth did a walkthrough for Liam, covering how you can woo the nerdy prom neophyte over and win his heart with your romantic wiles.

After you select your character and head into the game, in order to get Liam de Lioncourt’s attention off the bat you’ll want to answer the question about the deal-breaker for a love interest as someone who lacks taste. This will give you an instant boost with Liam.

During the school play you’ll need to improvise when you meet up with Vera and Liam (who usually hang out together) and you’ll need to choose to go naked, since putting on the hotdog costume will cost you creativity and fun.

When you arrive at the cafeteria go sit at the table with Liam – he should be with the werewolf. Liam will want to take a picture of his food art; oblige him and encourage him on to win points and upgrade your affinity with Liam.

You’ll need to earn smarts, creativity and charm to win over Liam. At night, head to the classroom to ramp up your smarts and you’ll run into Liam again, this time he’ll encounter a slayer. You’ll have the option of telling him to turn into a general feeling of unease or a hotdog stand. While it might seem like turning into unease would be the right option, it’s actually the wrong option. Tell him to turn into a hotdog stand, otherwise you’ll lose -2 boldness and -1 smarts.

Attend class the next morning and you’ll run into Liam, Damien, Polly and Miranda. You’ll need to turn Damien’s phone into a bird to distract them.

This will actually raise your affinity with Liam and add +2 creativity to your stats and +1 smarts.

During the afternoon cafeteria run, go sit by Liam and Scott – Scott will ask what sort of snack he should eat after Liam gets done taking photos for an Instagram post. Suggest for Scott to eat the lychee-fruit flavored custard with a side of tofu and a drizzle of raspberry extract.

Head to class the next day to gain +2 smarts and enter into another discussion with Liam about Naruto, which ends up being about Damien’s gay fetish for hairstyling and being a makeup artist. Tell Damien he needs to witness a tragic death, which will push him to a new level of stylism in order to upgrade his skills. This will give you bold points and charm.

During the next cafeteria segment with Liam and Miranda, they’ll require your expertise on silverware. Suggest for them to use a fork to further increase your bond with Liam.

That evening you can attend class to gain +2 smarts and learn more about Damien’s gay hell dads… a true dream scenario for a completely left-of-sane SJW from San Francisco.

Tell Damien to give his gay dads a stealth makeover to gain some points and increase your affinity with the group. On the final day, ask out Liam and he’ll go to the prom with you.

Monster Prom is available on Steam right now for $11.99.


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