MotoGP 18 Will Feature MotoGP ID, Scalable Damage For Riders, All New Tyre Physics
MotoGP 18

Milestone released a new trailer for MotoGP 18, the upcoming racing game for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. The new trailer covers some of the upgraded gameplay features and content that will appear in this year’s outing of the annual racing series.

The trailer is set to the song “Radioactive” from Imagine Dragons. It starts with the hot grid girls standing besides the racers on the track. We then see the riders hunker down and prep to race their motorized chariots around the asphalt battle track, jockeying for position and owning those turns like a slave master driving the whip.

The gameplay during the actual race definitely looks a lot more realistic and polished than the pre-race antics, including some very smooth and well rounded bike handling. You can check it out in the trailer below.

Interestingly enough, the press release stated that the trailer goes through the new features for the game, but other than the pre-race and post-race cinematics, there actually wasn’t a lot of gameplay being discussed in the trailer.

We do know that MotoGP 18 is running on the Unreal Engine 4, and the press release – not the trailer – explains how Milestone utilized 3D scanning and photogrammetry for the riders and the tracks, in order to get accurate recreations of all of the rider’s faces. It also points out that the tracks depicted in the trailer have been captured, constructed, and refined based on drone laser scanning.

MotoGP 18 - Nintendo Switch

The press release further discusses the new cutscenes that will appear for victories and losses, as well as the starting grid cinematics before each race. There are over 30 new cutscene sequences added to this year’s MotoGP.

The new MotoGP ID has also been implemented, allowing players to track their stats, progress, wins, losses, and performance through the online ID setup.

A new spectator mode has also been added, allowing players to spectate races using a variety of camera angles and switching positions of the riders. This will likely be perfect for the broadcasting aesthetics of e-sports TV channels on YouTube.

MotoGP 18 - Victory Pose

Additionally there are all new tutorials in MotoGP 18 to help with everything from braking to managing trajectories, and everything else in between.

Damage physics are also a new feature in MotoGP 18, with new riding aids being available for newbies, and scalable damage systems and tyre management being present for veterans. What’s interesting here is that there’s a new rider damage system, so not only will bikes get scratched and dinged, but riders will also take damage as well, until they can no longer perform in the race.

MotoGP 18 - Rossi

Being able to manage tyre duration and quality will also play a huge part in the simulation aspects of MotoGP 18 especially during the career mode, where you’ll be able to compete for a variety of championship, including the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and the coveted MotoGP championship series cup. You’ll also have to manage your engine, brakes, suspension, frame and aerodynamics, each having their own customization options and upgrade capabilities as well.

Along the way you’ll earn reputation points that will determine what teams you can sign with, and how prestigious you can become as a celebrity within the motorsports circles.


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