Naked Fighter 3D Lets You Create Your Dream Fighter With Full Futa-Physics
Naked Fighter 3D

Naked Fighter 3D is being put together by an indie developer looking to break into the fighting game sphere with something pointedly unique and visually charged to give gamers some tantalizing action to consume.

This is a one-man project from an artist who usually works on commercials but decided to dabble in the fighting game arena with Naked Fighter 3D. The game already has some concept videos and character creation promotional trailers up, showcasing how gamers can create males, females and futas. Yes, futas. You can check out the NSFW demonstration below.

A second demonstration video surfaced showcasing how you can actually build your character, which allows you to select from male, female and futa, complete with a visual demo of boob physics, butt physics, and full futa-physics.

You can choose the skin color of the character, ranging from typical pale skin to dark skin to crazy skin colors like blue, red, green, pink and purple.

You can choose the character’s height, weight, muscularity, waistline, hip width, glutes, thighs, breast size, breast width, breast implants, and tattoos before moving on to the facial details and the more intimate details. You can check out the demonstration below.

The facial creation isn’t terribly in-depth but all the female faces are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, something you won’t find from any newer Western-made game that isn’t produced by CD Projekt Red or Warhorse Studios.

You’ll be able to choose from the brow shape, the makeup, makeup colors, eye color, and lip color.

Unfortunately the video doesn’t cover the “Intimate Details” but I imagine those will be on display in a video later into development.

Naked Fighter 3D - Character Creation

Naked Fighter 3D will allow you take your fighter online and battle against other players, as well as execute basic fighting mechanics, combos, humiliation moves, sexual stimulation, face-sitting, and more.

The project is currently being funded right now through Patreon, as that’s how the developer is receiving finances to move the project forward. His biggest obstacle right now is licensing some of the proper middleware tools to bring Naked Fighter 3D to life in the public domain. And yes, you can do inter-gender fights between males, females and futas.

If Naked Fighter 3D is the sort of game you want to see come to life and actualized in today’s hyper-sensitive, overly politically correct society, you can help the developer make Naked Fighter 3D a reality by supporting the project over on the Patreon page. Alternatively you can learn more about the development of the game by visiting the NSFW official website.


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