Neon Sword, Low-Poly Futuristic Game Set To Launch This Year

Lone developer Pea Head Games and publisher KeyStone Games plan to ship out Neon Sword sometime this year (2018). The futuristic low-poly game set in an open-world lets you start up your own mega corporations and simulates how the world reacts to your hostile takeovers.

After recently posting that Neon Sword is coming in 2018, lone developer Pea Head Games has made it known that he’s currently working hard to flesh out his open-world RPG. While we wait for substantial information on the game to come forth, a description explaining Neon Sword lies below:

“Shape the destiny of Quaid City. Do you use commerce or violence as your weapons of choice? Purchase and manage businesses. Get on the property ladder as you build your income. Manage a deep and vibrant economy in a dynamic world that evolves around your actions. Strive to bring order to a city in the depths of despair.”

Thanks to Pea Head Games‘ YouTube channel you can get an early look at Neon Sword, its main menu and hear a sample of Joey4Track‘s Miami Shredd3r – Retrowave.

Situated in and around Quaid City are various buildings that you can go into and construction sites that you can purchase. If you should choose to purchase one you can then build various styles of buildings on the site.

Depending on the size of the building will determine how long it takes to construct it. Once built you can fully access the corporation menu from your Holocell, which will allow you to customize your corporation logo for advertising on billboards throughout the city and also hire and fire various staff.

Older screenshots from April of Quaid City can be seen below.

Buildings that you can go in and lots up for sale stand soaked in neon evening lights.

Character customization in Neon Sword lets you rock a variety of clothes, weapons, skills, and accessories. In other words, there’s a lot of stuff to equip.

Lastly, Neon Sword has a “deep branching storyline” that can be altered by your actions. You can either save Quaid City or run it into the ground.

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