New World Interactive Teases Insurgency: Sandstorm For E3 2018

In recent news, New World Interactive posted up a weekly live stream on May 10th, answering fan questions and dropping hints on Insurgency: Sandstorm to appear at E3 2018. Publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer New World Interactive are set to release Insurgency: Sandstorm on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Alex Blonsky, the host of Insurgency-related weekly streams, kicked-off the latest show, answering fan questions about the upcoming first-person shooter. If you want, you can check out the nearly two-hour long video courtesy of New World Interactive’s YouTube channel.

The lengthy live stream holds two important pieces of information. The first being that Insurgency: Sandstorm will more than likely be at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, and that a playable beta will be announced sometime soon on the weekly stream.

In addition to the first piece of information, when Blonsky was asked (around the 12:00-minute mark) if fans will be able to see Insurgency: Sandstorm at E3 2018, he replied with the following answer:

“Are we showcasing at E3? Well, it’s possible we’re at E3 now. A bunch of us are planning to head there, so yeah. You might be able to expect something, something fun when it’s E3 time.”

After an hour and 26 minutes had passed, another fan (around the 1:38:04 mark) wanted to know if Insurgency: Sandstorm will make an appearance at E3 2018, and Blonsky responded by saying:

“Will we see it at E3? Well, it’s a big gaming expo and we plan on being there, so we’ll have to see.”

What can be taken away from┬áBlonsky during the live stream is that the team will be at E3 2018 showing something off and that it will be “something fun.” Additionally, new Sandstorm gameplay is said by Blonsky to drop very soon during a big event.

Moreover, the upcoming FPS game will gain a playable beta in the future. Before the beta goes public, the live stream channel will make an announcement sometime soon. The following information comes from Blonsky when a fan asked him (starting around 1:24:43) about a beta:

“Well, we did an alpha but a beta would be up next in terms of testing, so stay tuned for an announcement on that eventually here.”

Time will surely tell how this project will pan out, especially when the beta drops, but until then you can learn more about this game by hitting up


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