Onrush Open Beta For PS4, Xbox One Start May 17th

Onrush Beta

Codemasters announced that there will be an open beta available for the rough-and-tumble, multiplayer racing game, Onrush.

The company revealed that the open beta will begin at 2:00pm British Standard Time starting on Thursday, May 17th. It will conclude on Monay, May 21st at 10:00am British Standard Time.

The beta will be available for both Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, so if you own either of the eighth-gen twins, you’ll be able to participate. Additionally, anyone who pre-orders the game from GAME, Amazon, Tesco and Smyths Toys – will gain early access to the beta for Onrush starting May 15th.

The open beta for Onrush will contain an interactive tutorial, as well as a Superstar Practice mode that will allow players to do battle against AI racers and other human players via online play.

The Superstar Practice will allow you to race either in solo modes or in co-op mode with another player. Access to the Photomode will also be available for those who want to pause the game and take a snapshot.

Several multiplayer events will be available as well for 6-vs-6 matches across two different tracks with four different vehicle classes available.

The beta will also feature some alternating track events, such as night races and weather changes.

The two tracks will include Big Dune Beach and Crater Lake, both with the aforementioned dynamic weather changes and alternate times of day available for the race. The modes will include Overdrive and Countdown, and the vehicles included in the beta will be the Blade, Vortex, Interceptor and the Titan.

The full game is scheduled to launch early next month on June 5th for the Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately PC gamers will be left out of the loop. Nevertheless, if you wish to learn more you can do so by visiting the official Onrush website.

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