Onrush, Team-Based Action Racer Launches June 5th For PS4, Xbox One


Codemasters released a new trailer for Onrush, the upcoming team-based, action-racing game for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The trailer highlights some of the team tactics players can explore while racing against other players, as well as revealing that you can pick up a copy of the game starting June 5th next month for the PS4 or Xbox One. Sorry, no love for the PC Master Race this time around.

The new trailer highlights how teams can work together to bump, shunt, and crash other players out of the way as they attempt to race toward… something.

I still haven’t quite figured out how you win a race exactly, but we do see that two teams of six are able to duke it out from start to finish. In the Stampede mode a handful of players on each team attempt to thwart the opposing team by using the different classes to perform various attacks. You can see how it all plays out in the trailer below.

It’s explained that the larger vehicle classes such as the Titan or Enforcer are designed to run roughshod defense against vehicular interlopers. You’ll be able to smash and thrash anyone who gets close to your teammates using the heavy duty vehicles.

On the flip side of the table, the motorcycles and other light vehicles can be used to perform aerial takedowns. They get bonuses for going up top and bringing death from above onto unsuspecting opponents.

Codemasters is also promoting the pre-order bonuses for the game and the Day One Edition, which come with additional liveries for the vehicles, as well as eight additional vehicle designs, and a few other bonuses.

In the trailer’s comment section there are some people praising the game’s gameplay but criticizing the apparent element of loot boxes, which could end up being a serious deal-breaker for a lot of gamers.

You can learn a little bit more about Onrush ahead of its June 5th release by visiting the official website.

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