Paladins Launches With 200 Free Crystals After Two Years Of Being In Early Access

Paladins Early Access

Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins has officially graduated from Early Access and is now out of beta and in its fully released form of version 1.0. The release of the game comes after two years of Early Access development, where Hi-Rez initially entered the game into the development program back in September of 2016, but has rolled out version 1.0 of the release as of May, 2018.

The free-to-play MOBA title has launched with gifts.

Gamers who log into the game right now will be rewarded with 200 free in-game crystals, along with being able to unlock a free Team Fortress 2-inspired Barik skin, if you can win five matches with Barik. Work fast, though, because the 200 free crystals giveaway is only going to be available for gamers up until May 31st.

The official launch of the game was also accompanied by a launch trailer, which features a quick glimpse and overview of Paladins. Surprisingly enough, when one of the scantily clad chicks hops down front and center, Hi-Rez Studios actually gave her some proper boob jiggle. Perhaps all is not lost in the world of Western gaming?

What’s even better is that all throughout that cinematic the chick in the strap-up had her boobs bouncing quite readily. This is a sure sign of progress in today’s age where Regressive Leftist control the mainstream media and most enthusiast media outlets in the tech sector.

But beyond that, Paladins offers gamers a deckbuilding mechanic for the heroes, where you can outfit and modify the champions’ abilities to fit your play-style.

In addition to the mechanical functioning of the champions, there are also a number of skins available as well, so you can outfit your favorite character in your favorite outfit.

The game has more than 25 million registered players and is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.