Phobos Vector Prime Has Put Gunstar On The PlayStation 4

Phobos Vector Prime

I’m not even going to talk games today because retrowave.

Alright but only because you insist. Of Phobos Vector Prime’s fascination with the roaring 80’s I have no doubt; the game claims to be the product of Sony Spain’s PlayStation Talents Games Camp when it actually seems that someone left their The Last Starfighter VHS on repeat for too long.

That someone being Seville-based Gunstar Studio, who being handpicked by said Camp for 10 months’ worth of development/marketing support, chose to bring Starfighter’s Gunstar spacecraft to the PlayStation 4 console.

And yet where Starfighter was but a façade for an anti-alien pilot recruitment program, Phobos Vector Prime is an actual narration of events from the year 2490. I know this because humanity has made considerable scientific advances to the point that, to make up for their own lack of resources, the world’s corporations are vying for one dark piece of tech. in particular.

So much so that they’ve found themselves on the brink of The First Ring, just a neat name given to the war they’ve caused really, in the midst of which are protagonists Renegade, Bounty Killer and Milician.

Yes, I agree, that trailer’s gorgeous. A little research reveals that game-play is very MOBA-like; each of the above personalities come with their own ships of basic bullets, missiles and dash/dodge capabilities.

These are topped by an integrated combat system that renders each with a distinct set of skills. Bounty Killer is more tactical, for instance, featuring an invisibility cloak, invisible mines and a particle accelerator for when all fails.

Renegade on the other hand is more defender, able enough to withstand tank-type attacks while Milician plays offensive. What differentiates Phobos Vector Prime from its MOBA contemporaries however, as per the Studio, are minions that players can choose to have accompany them. R2-D2 like.

No waiting period involved even; Phobos Vector Prime is out now on the PlayStation Store while you may be able to ask the developers anything on Reddit later today contingent on when this article is read.

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