Princess Maker 5 Steam Launch Hampered By Crashes, Translation Woes
Princess Maker 5

CFK Co.’s Princess Maker 5 released recently on Steam for $29.99. The game allows you to take care of your very own princess – a girl who lost her memories and struggles to survive without her real parents. As the hero of the modern world, it’s your duty to raise your princess right so that one day she’ll grow up to be a competent and lusted-after waifu by weebs the world around.

You’ll have eight years to whip your daughter into waifu material, where you’ll need to balance her study and play time, as well as teach her etiquette, setup her education curriculum, and choose how she manages her free time. If you can find ways to make money or send her into the working world to acquire a part-time job she can save up her cash to attend a fancy academy to pay her way through school.

You’ll have to deck out your daughter with different clothes, and ensure that she stays in shape as well as make sure she’s prime dating material. This means ensuring that she doesn’t turn into a third-wave feminist hambeast.

The game features more than 100 characters, the ability to develop friendships, relationships, and love for your daughter.

If the game sounds like a lot of fun, many gamers agree that it is. However, there’s also a flip side to this.

Despite being decked out with the kind of features that many gamers have been desiring, the reality is that the translation of the game has been so poor that it’s difficult for some fans to enjoy the game. Sparrow explained why they gave it a thumbs down, writing…

“Some things are completely unreadable and completely impossible to parse meaning from. The stat names are not self explanatory. The tutorial is so poorly translated that it is useless. This is particularly a problem because this game is renowned for being challenging, and there are no english guides to the game. So if you can’t read the tutorial, and there are no guides, you’re essentially screwed.”

This sentiment was echoed by some the other reviewers in the user section of Princess Maker 5. Others, however, had issues with the game’s bugs and crashing, which was pointed out by Bad Reaction to Simochi…

“I can put up with a shoddy translation. I could generally understand the gist of everything happening.


“I can’t put up with bugs and crashes. Fix those and I’ll fix my review.


“For now I think this is going on the shelf.”

The developers acknowledged in a Steam post that there are some issues with the game and that they have been scouring the forums and taking in all the feedback in order to roll out a patch for Princess Maker 5 to fix the game’s translation issues and some of the bugs that have caused the game to crash.

Princess Maker 5 is currently available on the Steam store right now. Although it might be best to wait for the new patch before diving in.


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