Project Nimbus Infinity, Anime Mecha Shooter Heads Into Pre-Production
Project Nimbus Infinity

After launching the action-anime mecha game, Project Nimbus: Code Mirai on PS4 in the U.K., and U.S., back in April, KISS Publishing, GameTomo and GameCrafterTeam announced that they will be collaborating again on the sequel, Project Nimbus Infinity.

The third-person, hyper-stylized, anime-inspired mech-shooter sequel has currently entered into production, as the development team have begun pooling resources and producing concept art for the sequel game.

Pawee Pakamekanon, the project leader at GameCrafterTeam, commented in the press release about the upcoming title, saying…

“We’re so excited to begin production on Project Nimbus Infinity, the success of Project Nimbus on PC and PS4 has completely blown us away, and means we have the opportunity to create something truly exceptional with our next title.”

The Unreal Engine 4-powered action-shooter will take place 21 years after the events of the original Project Nimbus: Code Mirai. After the unification of Earth under the New World Order, things are torn asunder with the Spacenoids, and it’s up to the two main protagonists – Luna Campbell, a 15-year-old who is the head of state for the Earth Federation; and Taiyo Iwata, a 16-year-old high-school student – to mend the rift between the Spacenoids and the Earth Federation by piloting their mechs to victory.

ProjectNimbus Infinity - Concept Poster Art

Hey, no one ever said that anime mecha games were best known for their sterling plots.

The sequel will still maintain the fast-paced, third-person action present in the original Project Nimbus, which was Kickstarted four years ago and went through a grueling four year development cycle while stationed in Early Access.

The game eventually graduated from Early Access and launched on PC, and then just recently KISS Publishing and GameCraftTeam launched the title on the PS4.

With one success after another being racked up by the Thai developers, they’re now setting their sights on expanding the Project Nimbus universe with a new game. Details on how long it’ll be in development or when we can expect to see gameplay footage is still under wraps for now, but the developers definitely wanted to let you know that it’s in the works.


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