Project Wingman Requests Fly-by, Granted.

You might remember that at the time of my gloss over Project Wingman many weeks ago, the arcade flight shooter was on the verge of its penultimate alpha as a crowdfunding campaign developed backstage.

Now it’s barely been 24 hours since that Kickstarter took centerstage and Wingman’s already well past its goal of USD $26,000. 690 backers even, many of which have presumably tagged along as wingmen since developer RB-D2 went public alpha circa 2016.

Safe to assume then Project Wingman is nothing like the non-tech/programming savvy project it claims to have started out as; currently on promise is a spectrum of high-octane flight combat for the likes of both purists and naïve flight aficionados.

At its crux is a high risk/high reward approach that encourages mercenary thinking; your primary objectives might seem like a breeze with minimal losses, but supererogation is what’ll provide for better paydays.

Seeking out and successfully completing side-quests, à la destroying rambling ground/naval units, mech – elements other-worldly perhaps – will provide for upgrades to either of the 20 aircraft/40 weapons that are on plan.

This ties into Project Wingman’s roguelike and RPG elements; on one hand you have your Conquest Mode, encouraging players towards development of mercenary armies to contend with its evolving opposition, whose difficulty parameters may further be fine-tuned to your liking.

On the other there’s a fully-fleshed out Story, pitting you as one competent fighter pilot in a global rush for Geothermal energy. Sure it might be lacking in the guitar-riffs department much unlike Top Gun, but at least included is a Free-Flight Mode across the Unreal Engine’s vistas.

Support for VR-headsets, Throttle-And-Stick peripherals and modern orchestral sounds across all modes will also come bundled in the slated 2019 release, that’s admittedly entering its latter stages of development.

At this point you’ve probably festered many questions pertinent to Project Wingman’s flight mechanics and features, which is where I would better direct you to either of the game’s latest playable alpha or its super active Discord channel.

Post-goal funding plans incoming.


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