PS Plus Games For June, 2018 Are Disastrously Forgettable

PS Plus June Games

With the exception of Firaxis’ XCOM 2 – which is an admittedly better game on PC by far than its console counterparts – there’s nothing noteworthy that Sony has set to roll out in June for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The six games were doled out for public perusal like poorly dressed children ashamed to be standing in public for photos they didn’t want to be taken.

Sony’s paltry offerings are listed over on the PlayStation Blog by James Hallahan. The games include:

  • XCOM 2 – PS4
  • Trials Fusion – PS4
  • Zombie Drive HD – PS3
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – PS3
  • Atomic Ninjas – PS Vita
  • Squares – PS Vita

As you can see, there’s a rather pathetic smorgasbord of games made available heading into June, which is arguably the most hyped month for new game announcements in the entire year… and yet both Sony and Microsoft seemed to want to sleepwalk through the free game line-ups for their premium online services.

Sony didn’t even have enough enthusiasm about their own titles to put together a PS Plus video trailer. They opted to let the user rating do all the promotion for them.

Hot dang, people may complain about Nintendo wanting to charge for their online offerings, but at a third of the price of their competitors, it’s hard not to justify simply leaving Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus behind at this point. The only highlight is that at least every once in a while Microsoft does throw its gamers a bone, giving them some high-quality AAA titles occasionally. Sony, meanwhile, could only be bothered to roll out Bloodborne as the only worthwhile game this year to justify a PS Plus subscription.

Anyway, XCOM 2 isn’t a bad game but you’re going to want to get the PC version if you want to make use of all the really awesome mods. The mods are obviously not available on the scrubby PS4 version of the game.

Additionally, the PS3 titles are completely forgettable, and most well-adjusted people aren’t even going to bother looking at the PS Vita offerings, unless they’re like those masochists who enjoy watching feminist geek porn.

Anyway, don’t watch feminist geek porn, don’t waste money on this month’s PS Plus subscription, go play better games with your hard-earned money.