Quantum Replica, Isometric Cyberpunk Game Launches May 31st On PC, This Fall For PS4, XB1
Quantum Replica

1C Company and ON3D Studios announced that Quantum Replica is launching at the end of the month on Steam for PC. You’ll be able to pick up a digital copy starting May 31st. They don’t give a price for Quantum Replica, but expect it to appear on the Steam store page shortly ahead of release.

The PC version will be followed by a release on home consoles for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall. The official release date hasn’t been ironed out just yet but expect to arrive after the PC release gets settled.

As for the game itself, it’s a futuristic, isometric cyberpunk shooter. You roam around a metropolis as one of the “most wanted” criminals in the city. After losing your memory, you’ll need to find clues and discover who you really are by rebuilding your memories. However, there are a number of enemies, bounty hunters, and corporate stooges standing in your way. You’ll need to utilize a variety of weapons, gadgets and special abilities in order to help aid you during combat.

You can see what the gameplay for Quantum Replica is like with the trailer below.

The gameplay in Quantum Replica is a lot like Furi and Ruiner. You’ll be able to zip around stages, dodge enemy fire, and explore a wide range of different environments within the sprawling city.

Unlike Ruiner and Furi, it’s not all about non-stop combat in Quantum Replica. You’ll actually be able to utilize certain stealth mechanics in order to overcome the odds, as well. This helps give the game some diversity when it comes to play-styles and gameplay variety.

As Alpha, you’ll have some special time manipulation abilities at your disposal, which will allow you to zip past enemies undetected or bend time to use some of the environmental effects against your foes.

You can keep track of the game by visiting the Steam store page, or if you have an Xbox One or PS4 you can look for the game to launch this fall.


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