Racing Glider Set To Hit PC Via Steam Early Access On May 3rd

One of the latest single-player racing games to hit PC this week comes Mystik’art’s Racing Glider. The sci-fi racing game is currently planned for Steam Early Access and will make its debut for public consumption on May 3rd.

Racing heads who find single-player sci-fi glider games to be fun should look no further than Racing Glider, especially if supporting indie games and developers is a top priority. Racing Glider is said to reinvent “old classics” by giving gamers a heavy dosage of futuristic rally circuits, while demanding the need to master the speed and physics of each vehicle.

“Racing Glider reinvents old classics of futuristic racing games by offering rally type circuits in natural and fantastic environments. You will need to master the inertia, speed and physics of each vehicle you will play to beat the times set and grab all medals.”

The year-old official teaser trailer can be seen below, which shows off the CryEngine powered racing game in action. The teaser trailer comes in courtesy of MerhunesCE3.

Anyone viewing this may feel that Racing Glider is lacking in some departments, but it’s worth noting that the game in question was once a product of Steam Greenlight. In other words, Racing Glider is the works of a lone developer on a small budget.

Furthermore, Racing Glider sports a “Time Attack” mode that calls for setting the fastest speeds possible in order to complete the mode. You’ll be able to play across a list of maps to snag each and every medal.

As of right now, the current version holds 11 playable circuits in both directions (reversed and normal). All of them are unlocked in this version of the game, which means no special requirements are needed to play all 11 maps.

More information on this game can be found by heading on over to the developer’s official website Lastly, more information on Racing Glider can be found on its newly posted Steam Early Access page.


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