Rend, Sci-Fi Survival Game Alpha Test Sign-Ups Are Live
Rend Alpha Test

An invite-only alpha test for the survival game, Rend, is currently underway. Frostkeep Studios’ is bringing in gamers from the outside in order to help play-test their upcoming game, which is scheduled to enter into Early Access soon.

If want to join in on the action you can do so by signing up right now over on the alpha sign-up page.

Alpha testing Rend is completely free. However, you will have to put up some coin the game does eventually enter into Early Access on Steam.

The actual gameplay is quite unique. Rend is set in a primitive, sci-fi environment, where you’ll have to start off with nothing but your wits and will about you, and you’ll need to gather resources and supplies, and build up your very own faction(s).

The hook for the game is that the demon forces have been growing in number, dwindling down the inhabitants of the mysterious world, and building up their own armies in preparation of overthrowing the world. It becomes a race against time as players attempt to build up a formidable base, acquire a variety of weapons, and head into battle against the demon hordes.

The trailer reveals that you’ll have more than just standard building materials at your disposal. Laser pistols, plasma rifles, spears, bows, and other melee and projectile-based weaponry will be at your disposal.

As you get strong and fortify your faction’s fortress, you’ll have to defend your base against other players and the demons. In order to further your chances of survival, Rend offers players the ability to craft new weapons, explore hidden areas of the map to acquire rare resources, and discover new ways to upgrade and expand on your weapons and armor selections.

You can also tame some of the wild beasts roaming around the play area to use as your own means of transportation.

Rend may be like many other survival games out there, but the other-worldly sci-fi elements could help distinguish it from the rest of the herd.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page as it preps to enter into Early Access.


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