RockShot Preps For Early Access This June, Features Base-Building PvE And PvP Modes

German publisher GameForge and Japanese developer Soleil have teamed up for the kind of dynamic duo effort that we haven’t seen since the 1940s. Their latest project is called Rockshot, and it’s team-based, third-person shooter PvP game.

Much like Fortnite you’ll be able to build your base, defend your territory, and utilize sandbox-oriented tactics in order to secure a victory for your team.

The game is scheduled to enter into Early Access for testing starting this June. A gameplay trailer was released to give gamers a look at what they can expect from the upcoming title when it lands on Steam next month.

So the base-building is pretty cool because you can essentially build up your base using a variety of crazy entities, such as artillery, planes, turrets, and mortars. You can actually use these entities during battle to bomb your opponents, blast them off their feet, and kill them up real, real good.

Like most online multiplayer shooters you can also customize your character, choosing their gender, race, and attire.

The game’s prime mode, the RAID Mode, allows two teams to build up their base and equip with all sorts of defensive mechanisms. The objective is to extend and expand your base using the base editor and eventually take over the map.

The RAID Mode can be played both as a PvP mode and as a PvE scenario. You’ll have a variety of weapons at your disposal, including but not limited to swords, guitars, machine guns, pistols, and shotguns to name but a few.

Outside of the RAID Mode there’s also team deathmatch, and free-for-all modes as well.

I’m a little shocked there isn’t a Battle Royale mode but maybe that’s coming later? There is, however, a mutant invasion mode called Chimera Mode where players must defend their base against NPC invaders during special events.

Some of Soleil’s team members are no stranger to action titles or AAA outings, and have worked on classics like Ninja Gaiden and the Dead or Alive series. So they’re hoping to bring some of that expertise to RockShot when it enters into Early Access this June.


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