RPGolf Combines Golfing With Legend Of Zelda-Style Adventuring


ArticNet and Chorus Worldwide Games’ RPGolf recently released onto the Steam store for just $3.99. You can pick up a digital copy of the Japanese-made sports-adventure game right now, which combines classic simulated, pixel-oriented golfing with Legend of Zelda style hack-and-slash dungeon-crawling and adventuring.

It’s a bizarre mixture of genres but it seems to work well enough, much like the new-age cult hit, Golf Story, which came out last fall for the Nintendo Switch. Unlike Golf Story, however, you won’t just hit balls with golf clubs in RPGolf. You will actually have to take your golf swings and turn them into battle swings, as you don the role of a brave girl who must save a golf-obsessed kingdom from being overrun by a monster invasion.

The young girl must travel to each golf course across the land, playing a game of golf while also exploring the dungeons, defeating the monsters, and bringing the spectators back to the golf courses.

The game has a ridiculous premise that seems to fit in well with the 8-bit aesthetic, as the determined young girl must play through nine holes of golf to complete her quest while dispatching of monsters along the way.

I don’t think a game like this would ever really hit it off with today’s gaming audience if it had Uncharted-style graphics, but the silliness of the premise seems to be finely tuned companion to the 8-bit graphics. Maybe for the sequel it’ll see a slight bump up to 16-bit aesthetics? Similar to how Retro City Rampage was an homage to the 8-bit classics but Shakedown Hawaii has the more vibrant and explosive 32-bit element going for it.

Like most RPGs, you’ll be able to unlock new golf clubs as you progress through the game and upgrade your golfing equipment so that you’ll be both a better golfer and a better fighter.

You can pick up a digital copy of RPGolf right now from over on the Steam store for just $3.99.

(Thanks for the news tip Disqusted)